AS-Motor – high grass mowers for slopes and difficult terrain

AS-Motor engineers high grass and mulching mowers for professional operators and private customers alike. Our mowers are known for their exceptional quality and performance in extreme conditions, such as inclines reaching 35 degrees and in high grass and dense scrub.

Known around the world for our innovative technology, AS-Motor’s machines are 100% Made in Germany at our headquarters in Bühlertann.  We are particularly proud of our latest innovation: the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC – the world’s first ride-on mower with remote control – which enables the mowing of extreme slopes while guaranteeing operator safety.


Mulching mowers
A perfectly maintained lawn is possible more quickly than in the past. Mulching eliminates the need to stop and empty the collection bag as well as the cost and time-intensive process of cuttings disposal. Mulching also has environmental benefits, since the finely chopped grass returns to the lawn as natural fertiliser and protects against drying. The new generation of professional mulching mowers from AS-Motor provides these advantages with high performance and first-class cutting results.
Professional lawn mowers
Professional operators require tools that cut perfectly, collect perfectly and are easy to maneuver. These mowers should also have a long service life and rarely break down. AS-Motor’s range of professional lawn mowers perform on slopes and in grass up to 40 cm high, with spare parts available for many years and added safety features such as automatic braking.
Machines that mow grass and dense growth 60 – 150 cm high from the inventor of the Allmäher®. When equipped with a 2-stroke engine, the Allmäher performs where brush-cutters are typically used. The AS-Motor original since 1959.
Flail mowers
Flail mowers are the tool of choice for professionals who often mow large areas in unknown terrain. The flail mower’s primary advantage is that in the event of unseen foreign objects, the flails simply give way. Flail mowers are thus universal tools suitable for high or low grass, scrub and dense growth. Perfect cutting results and a high work rate make AS-Motor’s flail mowers the first choice for professional operators.
Ride-on mowers
Integrating the best of comfortable lawn tractor and high-performance Allmäher®, AS-Motor’s ride-on mowers have a low centre of gravity, off-road mobility and incredible cutting force. Available with all-wheel drive, a mulch kit and even remote-control technology, AS-Motor’s ride-on Allmähers are in a class by themselves.
Remote-controlled mowers
Building off recent advances in remote-control technology, AS-Motor currently offers high grass mowers with increased functionality and expanded application areas. These RC devices open up new possibilities for the user and service provider.
Disc mowers
AS-Motor’s modern alternative for forage production guarantees less wear, less maintenance and above all less vibration. The disc mowers cleanly cut high grass and deposit it in swaths which can be simply collected and fed to livestock. AS-Motor’s disc mowers provide simplicity and convenience.
Weed removers
Kerbstones, car parks and walkways must be freed of weeds and wild growth several times a year, a process that requires time, money and the use of dangerous herbicides. AS-Motor’s mechanical weed removal technology provides a chemical-free solution that not only saves time and money, but protects the Environment.
AS 1040 YAK
calendar icon 15.06.2020 – 30.09.2021 High area performance with high-grass flail mower - perfect for efficient extensive maintenance of green areas. Visit our landing page all about the AS 1040 YAK 4WD ride-on flail mower and see it for yourself! read on
AS 940 Sherpa RC
calendar icon 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2021 A mower like no other before. Visit our landing page about the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC high grass ride-on mower and see for yourself. read on
Customer report: Sherpa from AS-Motor does not give up
Pure apple juice from historical apple varieties. This is the passion of Luise Naderer from the Luisengärten. Top priority for the organic farmer from Riedenburg in the Altmühltal (Germany) is top quality. Not the only reason why an AS 940 Sherpa 4WD is the perfect partner for her work in the orchard meadows. “I am […] read on
How ecological green maintenance succeeds
In times of increasingly intensive land use and the associated extinction of species, extensively used areas such as orchard meadows, slopes, ditches, roadsides, dry grassland or roadside greenery are an important habitat and refuge for a large number of animal and plant species. In order to take proper care of these areas from an ecological […] read on
Customer report: One hundred percent
Michael Schreiner has been a subway driver at the Stuttgart tram company for 17 years now. His dream job. No wonder that even in his spare time everything revolves around motorized vehicles. Mowers and vintage tractors are his other passion, alongside his passion for subway.  “I have fun with old and modern technology. The railways […] read on
Customer report: Out of the danger zone with the AS Sherpa RC mower
Citizens who feel comfortable – this is the top priority for the employees of the Bauhof in Woert, a small community in the south-west of Germany. Since the middle of last year, part of the well-equipped vehicle fleet has included a ride-on mower with remote control, an AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC.   The scope […] read on
AS 1040 YAK 4WD tested by the trade journal profi
The German trade journal profi has tested the robust ride-on flail mower AS 1040 YAK 4WD in practice. This mower is made for professionals such as municipalities and service providers of the green sector as well as for rough and steep terrain. Click here to read the test results! read on
Slope mowing: Experts from AS-Motor provide tips on different mowers
Mowing on slopes is demanding – depending on the machine, procedures vary in ways you should be aware of. Hand-guided, in ride-on operation, or remote-controlled: What is the best way to work a slope? What features should a ride-on mower have for use on steep terrain? And why should the range of a remote-controlled mower not be fully utilised even on known areas? The experts at AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG have put together a few practical tips that not only make work easier, but also ensure greater safety while mowing slopes. read on
Practical test – AS 915 Sherpa 2WD
The French trade journal Matériel & Paysage has tested the AS 915 Sherpa 2WD ride-on mower in practice. Since spring 2019, this model replaces the AS 915 Enduro and has the typical characteristics of the Sherpa models. In the test, especially the compact dimensions and the small turning radius, the good mowing result and the comfortable one-hand lever operation proved to be advantageous. read on
Limited Anniversary Edition: The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure
To celebrate its 60th anniversary, AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG is producing a special edition of its well-known Sherpa ride-on mower. The limited edition AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure's (only 60 of these mowers will be produced) offers many extras and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its special paint finish. read on
Specialist for high grass and steep slopes celebrates its anniversary
For the company's 60th anniversary, B_I galabau reports on the company's history as well as on current developments at AS-Motor. 60 years ago, the founder Alfred Schefenacker developed the AS 2-stroke engine. This was the centerpiece for the first Allmäher, which was produced a short time later. Today, the grandchildren of the company founder, Eberhard and Maria Lange, run the family business. read on
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