AS 65 2T ES

Modern Allmäher for slopes and difficult terrain

Mulch where others hit their limits. The AS 65 2T ES is equipped with the world’s only 2-stroke engine that meets the requirements stipulated by the EU Emissions Directive 97/68/EC. The AS 2-stroke engine maintains engine lubrication regardless of position, enabling work on inclines of 40 degrees and more without the risk of engine damage. In addition, the AS 2-stroke engine is factory-equipped with an EasyStart function; the CDI digital ignition system cuts the rpms required to start in half. The 2-stroke engine’s high torque provides full power in high, wet grass.
A third crankshaft bearing and friction discs on the wing blade protect the engine in the event of unseen obstacles. Propulsion occurs via a 5-speed manual transmission with reverse gear (2.2 km/h) that covers a speed range from 1.6–4.5 km/h. Work rates reaching 2,900 m² per hour are possible due to a high-performance 2-stroke engine with up to 6.7 hp and traction drive. The AS 65 2T ES easily cuts grass up to 120 cm high. Not least, the engine/blade reduction of 1:2 delivers outstanding cutting performance. The AS cross-blade cutting and shredding system achieves a fine mulching result, even in high growth.

Simple, convenient and safe operation

The AS 65 2T ES works with operating levers that activate the parking brake, the traction drive, the limited slip differential and the blade clutch. Absolute safety for slope mowing is achieved by an automatic parking brake and limited slip differential which remains permanently locked while the machine is in drive. When the drive lever is released, the parking brake automatically engages and the AS 65 2T ES stops, whether on a slope or level ground. For convenient operation the guide bar is equipped with a V-handlebar which can be adjusted laterally and for height without tools. Cutting height can be adjusted in a range from 55–100 mm.

Robust mowing deck with cross-blade system

The AS 65 has a closed mowing deck. The main bar cuts vegetation while the overlying wing blade produces air flow and mulches the material, which is then discharged through the rear wheels. Standard pneumatic tyres with agricultrual tread offer high driving power and safe lateral support. Twin tyres and steel wheels increase traction and mimimises risk on inclines, and come as optional additions for working steep slopes.

Product advantages

Engine suitable for slopes

The world's only AS 2-stroke engine with EasyStart has position-independent lubrication, ensuring safe operation even on steep slopes.

Perfect mowing and mulching

The AS cross-blade system cuts and shreds grass simultaneously.

High cutting capacity (AS 65)

1:2 engine-blade reduction for high cutting capacity in dense growth.

Automatic parking brake

When the drive lever is released the machine stops automatically, whether on a slope or level ground.

Switchable limited slip differential

Permanently locked limited slip differential opens by pressing the differential lock lever.

Engine protection

Separate engine and blade shaft protects engine.

Simple operating concept

Operation of parking brake, blade engagement, limited slip differential, drive function, speed adaptation, all with just three levers.

Product details

Height adjustment

Central, variable height adjustment from 50–100 mm.

Manual transmission

5-speed manual transmission with limited slip differential and reverse gear provide optimal propulsion, even on a wet grass.

Closed mower deck with rear discharge

Grass and growth are finely cut and mulched in the closed mowing deck with rear discharge. This system also enables work close to edges.

Adjustable operating bar

Guide bar can be adjusted laterally and in height to adapt to the size of each operator.

Technical Data

cutting width 65 cm
maximum grass height 120 cm
engine manufacturer AS-Motor
engine designation AS 165 ES
displacement 165 cm³
maximum power 4,4/6,0 kW (hp)
rated power 4,0/5,4 kW (hp)
rated speed 3800 rpm
blade clutch
side discharge / rear discharge /
closed mowing deck
mono-blade / cross-blade / Y-flails / /
cutting height 50 - 100 mm
drive, mechanical/hydrostatic /
number of gears 5
reverse gear
max. speed 4,1 km/h
limited-slip differential
automatic parking brake
tank capacity 5 l
dimension L/W/H 220x71x99 cm
weight 114 kg
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Operating hour meter

Documentation of work hours.

Snorkel filter

A high-positioned snorkel filter supplies the engine with dust-free air.

Branch deflector

Protective mowing for tree cultivation.

Steel hand guard set

Additional protection for the operator.

Tilt meter

Convenient display of slope incline.

Low pressure tyres

Better traction on loose ground. Larger contact area preserves the soil.

AS 2-stroke oil "Titan 2T"

For an optimal environmentally-friendly mixing ratio. Recommended for all AS 2-stroke engines.

Liquide tyre sealant “Plattfuss-Stop”

Reduces the failure times due to flat tyres (950ml)

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Liquide tyre sealant “Plattfuss-Stop”

Reduces the failure times due to flat tyres (20 litres); can only be used in conjunction with the pump

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Pump for tyre sealant

For filling the tyre sealant "Plattfuss-Stop"; only necessary in conjunction with 20 l container

Twin wheels (AS 65, 73, 701)

One pair of tube wheels (1x2) with fixed hub for additional fitting.

Tubeless wheel

For high puncture safety in additional use of tyre sealant "Flat-Stop".

Steel wheels

Improved traction, particularly during work transverse to the slope. Replaces outside wheels on AS 901 SM.

Customer reviews

We own an AS 65, AS 21 and AS 510 since about 4 years now. The machines have a very high quality and an above-average performance when mowing.
– Willi Meier (owner of Meier Gartenpflege, Switzerland)


Gardening and landscaping

AS-Motor’s professional technology offers solutions for the diverse tasks of gardening and landscaping, from outdoor facilities to private gardens, public parks and residential lawns.

Commercial landscaping

Performance on rough terrain, perfect cutting results and high efficiency are advantages AS-Motor machines provide to professional service providers.

Meadow orchards

Meadow orchards characterize the landscape of diverse regions and provide valuable ecosystems for insect and bird life. Maintaining these areas often involves mowing around trees, on slopes and in rough terrain.

Municipal maintenance

Caring for green areas in the civic environment involves a variety of tasks. From parks to roadside management, AS-Motor provides the correct tools to ensure both professional results and operator safety.

Road maintenance

Maintaining roadways often involves mowing high grass and slopes, two specialties of AS-Motor’s professional technology.


AS-Motor offers professional technology for the maintenance of green spaces in and around public utility facilities.

Hunting and forestry

In forests and on hunting grounds, mowing can take place as infrequently as once per year or even at intervals of several years. AS-Motor machines are engineered to tackle the thick growth native to these areas as well as Christmas tree plantations.

Leisure facilities

Leisure facilities must be visually appealing and expertly maintained. Whether parks or campsites, these areas are frequently used and thus require careful maintenance.

Equestrian businesses

Equestrian areas require various forms of green care. Whether maintaining paddocks or lawns, AS-Motor offers tools to create the ideal equestrian environment.

Solar parks

Efficiency is crucial to maintaining a profitable solar park. AS-Motor offers the ideal tools to properly maintain the green areas around and under solar panels.


Viticulture, or wine-growing, is one of civilization's oldest forms of agriculture. AS-Motor was founded 60 years ago with the objective of tackling the slopes and thick growth of vineyards.