About AS-Motor

AS-Motor – mowers for high grass and slopes

AS-Motor is the market leader of robust yet agile professional-grade mowing machines, engineered specifically for slopes, high grass and rough-terrain.

AS-Motor was founded in 1959 in Southern Germany and maintains a culture of innovation, high manufacturing standards, and an ethos of social and environmental responsibility native to the region.

The Allmäher Company

In the 1950s there was no method to mow slopes without compromising on performance. Thus Alfred Schefenacker, an inventor living in Southern Germany, designed a two-stroke engine to power the first Allmäher up the steep and narrow slopes of the local vineyards. The first Allmäher went into production in 1961 and remains one of our best-selling products still today.

From Bühlertann to the world

AS-Motor began exporting to France at the end of the 1970s and quickly became that country’s number 1 provider of high-grass mowers. Since, AS-Motor has cultivated strong relationships with qualified sales, dealer and distributor networks and today our mowers are available in 37 countries worldwide, from Austria, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic to the USA, Australia, and South Korea.

A tradition of innovation

Since these early years AS-Motor has remained a major innovating force, from battery technology in the late 1960s to our current line-up of remote-controlled machines that deliver not only robust cutting performance but the best in operator safety. Today, AS-Motor is a modern company that engineers custom solutions to unique mowing challenges. Whether mulching or flail mowers, ride-on or remote-controlled 4-wheel drive units, our machines are not only built to perform, but to last.

Made in Germany

AS-Motor is dedicated to the quality and tradition of the Made in Germany label. AS-Motor has an in-house development and manufacturing process, monitoring each machine from start to finish. 70% of our parts are sourced from regional suppliers, which are vetted and audited for high quality standards.

Strong brands under one roof

Since 2021, AS-Motor has been part of the AriensCo family of brands based in Brillion, Wisconsin, USA. AriensCo is a family-owned, multi-brand company and a competent partner in the core segments of tall grass mowing, lawn care and snow removal. With strong local roots, AriensCo also has strong global operations and employs 2,100 people worldwide. As a strong brand, AS-Motor complements the portfolio of the umbrella brand AriensCo in a meaningful way and at the same time benefits from the backing and know-how of the parent company. AS-Motor is thus positioned for the future, to continue to drive innovations and other existing developments in terms of electrification and digitalization, and to further expand the uniqueness of the tallgrass specialist from Bühlertann.

AriensCo since 1933 – quality manufacturer with tradition.

Environmental awareness and sustainability

AS-Motor is committed to sustainable design – embracing form in function. AS-Motor machines are manufactured without superfluous parts, their lightweight construction translates to more efficient power and their long service life reduces consumer waste. 90% of AS-Motor machines are made of steel and recyclable metal parts.

Emphasis on community

Many of our 130+ employees have worked at the company for many years or even decades, and it is not uncommon to find several generations of a family working here together. Partnerships with universities bring together our experts with young, fresh ideas for the future while social programs that integrate refugees and the disabled into the AS-Motor workforce demonstrate our commitment to the local community.