AS 1000 Ovis RC

The remote-controlled flail mower – from pros, for pros

Noise barriers, railway embankments, rainwater retention basins, solar parks or wind farms often pose great challenges for landscape managers and service providers: the difficult to access, impassable and steep areas have to be maintained regularly. With its simply designed remote control and its enormous mowing performance, the AS 1000 Ovis RC is up to the task. With the RC flail mower, you work comfortably and intuitively from a safe distance. Thanks to the low overall height (69 cm) and the deep-seated Vanguard Professional engine with optimised oil supply, the flail mower achieves a perfect centre of gravity – the prerequisite for extreme slope suitability and mowing under deep obstacles. The moderate operating weight of 419 kg ensures maximum soil protection. The balanced weight distribution and the robust undercarriage enable safe mowing of steep slopes up to 55 degrees.

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Enormous mowing performance and individually adjustable to every requirement

The AS 1000 Ovis RC offers a wide range of adjustment possibilities with its surfing mowing deck. Thanks to the large up and downward swing, the robust flail mower adapts perfectly to uneven ground and prevents damage to the turf. Optimal control via roller (including anti-scalp function), adjustable sliding frame or carried insert without contact to the ground for maximum traction in difficult terrain – choose your personal setting for perfect adaption to all terrain conditions. The 100 cm wide flail mowing deck with stepless cutting height adjustment and the somewhat narrower undercarriage also enable comfortable mowing close to the edge, down to a few centimetres along crash barriers or other obstacles.

Optimum power transmission

The enormous power of the horizontal Vanguard Professional V-engine is optimally utilised. It is directly and efficiently transmitted to the mower deck via a belt drive. The proven Vanguard engine with 23 hp maximum power impresses with a 3-year warranty as well as its stable and robust construction. The components from the Yak series – e.g., the robust flail mower deck and the belt pressure spring tensioner – are used in the new AS 1000 Ovis RC.

Simplest handling and maintenance

Stable caterpillar tracks with steel inserts provide maximum traction on steep slopes. The assembly of the belts is quickly done thanks to the integrated quick tensioning system and defined adjustment for exact track tension. An automatic, mechanical parking brake brings additional safety when working on slopes. With its compact dimensions of 184 cm / 115 cm / 69 cm (only 159 cm long with the mower deck raised), the remote-controlled flail mower can be transported easily and quickly.

Maintenance-free shaft bearings, robust hydraulic motors from large-scale production and a large-volume fuel tank are the basis for long working days in difficult terrain and high grass. For daily cleaning tasks, the AS 1000 Ovis RC offers excellent accessibility. Air ducts, filters and oil control are accessible without any tools and the mower deck can be easily placed in a service position. Important components can be quickly reached through foldable service covers. The AS 1000 Ovis RC also requires very little maintenance: maintenance interval of 400 operating hours and first service after 50 h.

Product advantages

Versatile mower setting

One mowing deck – countless possibilities: optimal control via roller with anti-scalp function, adjustable sliding frame or carried insert for perfect adaption to different terrain conditions.

Mowing close to the edge

The 100 cm wide flail mower and the somewhat narrower undercarriage enable comfortable mowing close to the edge, down to a few centimetres along obstacles.

Optimal power transmission

The enormous power of the Vanguard Professional 2-cylinder engine is transmitted directly and with low loss via two belts to the blade shaft. The torque is divided between two robust belts.

Extreme mowing performance

The AS 1000 Ovis RC has all the well-known advantages of the proven flail mower: maximum mowing speed, excellent cutting pattern and even grass placement.

Compact design

The low operating weight (only 419 kg) and the compact dimensions (184 cm / 115 cm / 69 cm) allow mowing under deep obstacles and on steep slopes.

Extreme suitability for slopes

Low-seated horizontal Vanguard Professional engine and lowest overall height of only 69 cm – the prerequisites for the low centre of gravity position and extreme slope suitability.

Intuitive operation

Clear operating elements and accurate controls are the basis for precise manoeuvring of the machine. Robust hydraulic motors with their enormous torque ensure powerful traction drive.

Simple maintenance

The flail mower only needs service every 400 operating hours (first service after 50 h). Excellent accessibility for daily cleaning and servicing. Easy maintenance position for the flail mower.

Product details

Quick release chain

The drive chains' quick tensioners can be tightened and loosened using the extension supplied as standard and an additional ratchet. This is done from the rear of the machine. The chain tensioners are easily accessible. The spring must be pretensioned to a length of approx. 12.5 cm.

Cooling air shaft

The hinged perforated plate cover acts as a pre-filter for the engine cooling air. It can be opened in seconds to clean the intake shaft. This is particularly necessary under dry and dusty working conditions.

Simple wiring harness

The AS 1000 Ovis RC was designed from the start with electrical simplicity in mind. Its wiring harness has been reduced to a minimum, enabling any specialist dealer to carry out troubleshooting and repairs quickly and easily. Complex electronic systems have been expressly omitted.

Hydro wheel motors

The two hydrostats of the AS 1000 Ovis RC are designed for professional use. With a maintenance interval of 400 hours (first oil change after 50 hours), they significantly reduce maintenance requirements. The maximum torque of the hydro wheel motors is 474 Newton-meters.

Technical Data

cutting width 100 cm
maximum grass height 150 cm
engine manufacturer Vanguard
engine designation V-Twin 3864
4-stroke engine, 1-cyl. / 2-cyl. /
displacement 627 cm³
maximum power 17,2/23,0 kW (hp)
rated power 15,5/21,1 kW (hp)
rated speed 3600 rpm
starting device, manual / electric /
Hydrostatic drive on caterpillar track
number of gears stufenlos
reverse gear
max. speed 5 km/h
automatic parking brake
blade clutch, electric / mechanical /
closed mowing deck
flail pairs 56
flail shape, Y / hammer /
cutting height 40 - 110 mm
both sides of the flails can be used
tank capacity 12 l
dimension L/W/H 184x115x69 cm
weight 419 kg
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Insect scare device

Scares insects and small animals away from the mower. Three times more insects can flee in time. With respective adapters suitable for AS 62/63, AS 701/901, AS Sherpa and AS YAK.

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Hammer flail kit

Complete kit. For AS 1040 YAK and AS 1000 Ovis.


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