AS-Motor Professional lawn mowers

Professional lawn mowers – performance without compromise

AS-Motor develops and manufactures professional lawn mowers with robust and reliable technology, ensuring continuous performance under extreme conditions such as slopes and high grass. Our range of professional lawn mowers perform in a wide spectrum of tasks.

From the legendary AS 2-stroke engine to 4WD all-wheel drive lawn mowers and models with differential lock, self-locking traction drive and automatic parking brake.

The latest innovation on the market is offered by the AS-Motor Electric drive in the field of professional lawn mowers. Especially on slopes and for higher lawns, it combines for the first time the power and range of gasoline equipment with the advantages of battery-powered devices – no exhaust fumes, less noise and vibration, and less maintenance.

AS-Motor battery-powered and gasoline mowers for professionals: Made in Germany since 1959.

AS-Motor’s professional lawn mowers are available with the following advantages:

  • Suitable for slopes: AS 2-stroke engine, AS-Motor Electric drive and all-wheel drive
    Since 1959, we have been developing and producing professional and especially slope-suitable lawn mowers. The basis for this is the AS 2-stroke engine and the new AS-Motor Electric drive. They are specially adapted to our mowers and the respective area of application. In contrast to the 4-stroke engine, the AS 2-stroke engine and the AS-Motor Electric drive have no restrictions whatsoever when used on slopes.
  • Low weight optimally distributed on both axles
    Optimal weight distribution guarantees fatigue-free work. For example, the AS 531 has a V-handlebar for ergonomic handling. No other shape of handlebar is easier on the wrists.
  • VibrationProtect
    The AS 531 handlebar is factory-equipped with “VibrationProtect” vibration damping which considerably reduces harmful hand-arm vibrations. Lawn mowers with AS-Motor Electric drive are front runners in low hand-arm vibrations, with values considerably below 1.0 m/s2!
  • Strong engines for high work rates
    New: Now with AS-Motor Electric, Li-Ion battery drive.
    With the AS 531, you have the choice between professional 4-stroke engines, the legendary and slope-compatible AS 2-stroke engine and the powerful, professional AS-Motor Electric drive.
  • Low-wear blade clutch – stop the blade with the engine running
    The AS 531’s factory-standard blade clutch separates the blade from the engine or from the AS-Motor Electric drive. Thus, the blade can be switched off while the engine continues to run, such as when emptying the collection bag or crossing paths. This clutch system is particularly low-wear and reliable. The model with AS-Motor Electric drive stops the blade automatically when the catch bag is emptied.
  • Variator
    Maintenance-free, variable speed adjustment directly on the handlebar. Adapt your speed to the terrain without having to stop.
  • Automatic safety brake
    The “MK B” version the AS 531 is the first hand-guided professional lawn mower with a safety brake and limited slip differential. As soon as the blade clutch lever is released, the parking brake activates and the mower comes to a standstill regardless of how steep the slope. This function maximizes user safety.
  • Spring steel front axle, individual wheel height adjustment and smooth-running wheels
  • Low-wear drive system with ball bearings and limited-slip differential
  • Factory-standard 3in1 function
    Mow with collection bag, with rear discharge or with the factory-standard mulch kit.
  • Limited-slip differential
    The two AS 531 MK B models have a limited slip differential that maintains a set speed, even when moving downhill – improving walk-behind safety.
  • All-wheel drive
    The AS 53 2T 4WD models are the only lawn mowers in the world with all-wheel drive and a 2-stroke engine that performs on slopes.

New: Now also with professional AS-Motor Electric drive

With the new AS-Motor Electric drive, a new generation of cordless tools is now available. Made for professionals. The main component is the new AS-Motor Electric motor. With its 3,200 watts nominal power at 56 volts, it has the same power of a 200 cm3 4-stroke gasoline engine and exceeds the power of existing battery motors by almost double. However, power without range would be meaningless for the professional user. That’s why the AS-Motor Electric motor has two slots for the most powerful Li-Ion hand batteries on the market. With two times 10 Ah at 56 volts, they bring it together to 1,120 watt hours of energy content. The sophisticated “Power Peak” technology evenly balances the power of the connected batteries.

Experience a new level of torque while mowing and forget about too-weak “ECO” modes with no power reserves during power peaks. For even more running time, the back battery with 1,568 watt-hours of energy content can also be connected to the AS 531 E-ProCut B. With a total of 2,688 watt-hours of energy on board, you will be able to master intensive workdays – as is usual for professionals.

We have not reinvented the AS-Motor Electric lawn mowers. “Never change a winning team” is the motto. We have adapted our current models to the AS-Motor Electric drive. In terms of handling, comfort, durability and technical equipment, everything remains the same. So the AS 531 E ProCut B is still equipped with the special features like automatic parking brake, blade clutch, differential lock, engine brake downhill, Variomatic, 3rd engine shaft bearing, spring steel front axle and double ball bearings on each wheel. What about cutting pattern, collection and 3in1 function? The AS 531 E-ProCut is one to one like the models with combustion engine, only with much less vibration, noise and with zero emissions. The time is ripe for professional cordless lawn mowers. Try it for yourself.


Extend your operational capability in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.


AS 531 EProCut B

A real professional lawn mower with battery drive and smart functions

53 cm
4,4/6,0 kW (hp)
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AS 531 2T ES MK B

2-stroke mower for maximum safety on slopes

53 cm
4,4/6,0 kW (hp)
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AS 531 4T MK

Professional lawn mower with perfect grass collection

53 cm
3,4/4,6 kW (hp)
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AS 531 4T MK B

Professional lawn mower with collection bag and added safety features

53 cm
3,4/4,6 kW (hp)
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AS 53 2T ES 4WD

2-stroke mower with all-wheel drive for slopes

53 cm
4,4/6,0 kW (hp)
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AS 53 2T ES 4WD RB

All-wheel drive and reverse gear for steep slopes

53 cm
4,4/6,0 kW (hp)
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