AS-Motor offers solutions for sports facilities and golf courses

AS-Motor provides professional tools for the efficient maintenance of athletic facilities and golf courses.

Whether managing green areas around sports stadiums, car parks, embankments and the rough of golf courses, or delivering perfect mulching results on the sports fields and golf courses themselves, AS-Motor provides a variety of options for the professional maintenance of athletic facilities.

Application examples

Athletic facilities

Featuring various terrains and application areas, sports facilities require professional upkeep of green spaces. AS-Motor’s 2-stroke powered mowers are ideally suited for sloped embankments as well as high grass in peripheral regions. AS-Motor’s mechanical weed removal devices offer a chemical-free solution to the maintenance of car parks, walkways and paved areas at sports facilities.

The rough and lakes on golf courses

The rough often comprises three-quarters of a golf course’s total area. These areas must be maintained to prevent the encroachment of scrub while protecting native obstacles such as bushes and trees.  AS-Motor’s walk-behind mowers provide precision and cutting power when mowing the rough, as well as uneven terrain and the slopes around lakes.

Customer reviews
The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD XL is an easy-to-use machine. In our company we have replaced several other machines that could not maintain tough terrain. This machine has reduced the mowing time. We couldn't manage to clean the terrain with tractors, we did it with brushcutters. Then the Sherpa came and gave us great results, and we are very happy with the performance we are achieving.
– Iva Mladenović (Sport Center Pirot, Serbia)
MSC Gaildorf owns a 940 Sherpa and an AS 26 2-stroke 3-wheel mower for the maintenance of the motocross sports facility. The track goes up and down - with various steep slopes. For high area output on slopes, the Sherpa is just perfect - while the AS 26 2T excels on extreme slopes of the jump hills. These two machines also form the basis for our international events. We are happy to use rental equipment from AS-Motor for our large events in order to prepare the entire event area optimally within a very short time. We have had very positive experiences with the high-end machines 1040 YAK and 940 Sherpa RC from AS-Motor. Real professional machines for the most difficult areas and conditions.
– Sven Wolpert (Sports Director at MSC Gaildorf e.V. - the organiser of international motocross races, Germany)


Ornamental lawns

Ornamental lawns in both private gardens and public facilities can be maintained with either mulching or collecting mowers. When mulching, the finely-shredded cuttings remain on the surface as natural fertiliser, while collection bags help the operator transport cuttings to a disposal point. Lawns are usually mowed once per week to a cutting height of 40–50 mm, from a maximum height of 15 cm.

Flower meadows

A natural environment for bees, flower meadows make an important contribution to biodiversity and preserving our ecosystem. Flower meadows can quickly grow 40 cm high before blossoming and should be mowed 3–4 times per year. Our professional lawn mowers, mulching mowers with side discharge as well as Allmähers and ride-on mowers help care for flower meadows.


Mulching is a process by which grass cuttings are shredded several times into a fine mulch, which then remains on the surface as natural fertiliser. Special mulching blades with a double cutting plane and a circular mulching unit are used on ornamental lawns, while cross-blade systems or flail mowers are primarily used in high grass.


AS 510 ProClip 4T A

Mulching mower for professional users

51 cm
4,2/5,7 kW (hp)
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AS 920 Sherpa 2WD B&S

Fast and agile ride-on mower with limited slip differential for moderate inclines

90 cm
20,1/27,0 kW (hp)
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AS 1040 YAK 4WD

Strong, robust and at home on difficult terrain – AS 1040 Yak 4WD

100 cm
17,2/23,0 kW (hp)
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