Customer reviews archive

Dr. Michael Köbler (Geschäftsführer, Hofgut Serrig, Nähe Trier)

Since the farm is entirely self-supporting, the economic efficiency and thus the maintenance costs and the useful life of a new acquisition are also decisive. "I was very pleasantly surprised by the consumption in particular," says Dr Köbler and adds with a smile: "With the previous model, you had the feeling that you had to drive right behind with the tanker. I couldn't imagine that the mower from AS-Motor would be so economical." In fact, AS-Motor's Sherpa stands out for its low consumption of a maximum of 4.7 litres per hour in extremely tall grass.
On the recommendation of AS-Motor I checked the AS 800 FreeRider at the dealer store Mähler in Gossenheim and then bought it there. Just right for my ranch in Lower Franconia. My previous lawn tractor used to clog and could not cope with high grass, but I’d like to leave the grass as flowering meadows. I particularly like the value of the workmanship: everything is made of sheet steel. That holds up better than the plastic mowers.
– Georg Lummel (owner of the company Lummel GmbH & Co. KG, metal facades manufacturer)
We have been waiting for a machine like this for a long time. Safety is now being increased when mowing large slopes, which is a frequent request from the company's management. We really like Sherpa!
– Boban Stanisavljević (machine operator, JKP "Ravno 2014" Ćuprija, Serbia)
My first contact with the brand was via the Internet. After the demonstration, I decided to buy AS 901 SM - I was impressed with the machine's performance – it is perfect for my orchard. A year after that, I became the owner of one more AS machine - AS 531 2T ES MK B for my backyard. I guess that's the best review and speaks for itself.
– Dragan Gligorijević (Private customer, Serbia)

Peter Martini (owner Martini Landschaftsbau und Pflege from Kehrig, Germany)

We use two AS 940 Sherpa for the green space maintenance of the open-air photovoltaic systems. Twice a year, we currently mulch around 200 hectares in this business area. The primary goal is to keep the solar modules free of shade. We mow under the solar tables, which means there is only about 90 centimetres of space between the turf and the tables in some places. Of course, the compact design and the low centre of gravity are very beneficial. In addition, the Sherpas with their all-wheel drive are very suitable for off-road use. Even if there is brushwood or high grass to be mulched, that is no problem, the Sherpas will stop nothing. With the AS mowers, we can get through anywhere.
In four months of use and with over 150 working hours on very difficult and uneven terrain with large slopes, the AS 1040 YAK 4WD has proven to be excellent. As far as I am concerned, weeds, grass and bushes are not a problem when YAK 1040 show up.
– Darko Krasnići (machine operator at EKO SAN d.o.o., Serbia)
AS 1040 YAK 4WD is an efficient machine for mowing along roadways. Stable driving when mowing steep slopes. Easy intuitive operation.
– Tomasz Fyda (Green maintenance service provider ELGAB Tomasz Fyda in Krakow, Poland)
AS 920 Sherpa 2WD: this machine has become our regular helper for landscaping in our "bird paradise". It has met our high expectations at bird conservation organisation SOS Birdlife; it is easy to control and handle. It can also handle more demanding terrain and longer working hours, and it doesn't mind getting its wheels dirty at all!
– Zuzana Mace Zemáneková (Project Manager at SOS Birdlife Slovensko, Slovakia)
Use in orchard meadows is also an area where the AS mower can show off its advantages such as manoeuvrability and low overall height. When a tractor with a mulcher can no longer be used due to low branches, the Sherpa 940 4WD RC can easily drive under low-hanging branches without damaging or tearing off branches. Should the situation require it, it is very easy to switch the AS Sherpa 4WD RC to radio operation and carry out dangerous or dusty mowing runs with maximum safety for the equipment operator. Just fold down the safety bar, switch to RC operation and off you go.
– Günther Wünsch (Owner Wünsch Forestry Services, Germany)