AS-Motor provides tools for the care and maintenance of leisure facilities

Parks, playgrounds and campsites require a range of services such as professional lawn care, slope maintenance and chemical-free weed removal on paved surfaces.

Leisure facilities provide a space for recreation and relief from job stress and other day-to-day stress, and are primarily green, explaining the German expression “ins Grüne fahren” (to drive out where it’s green).

Application examples


Because of their proximity to appealing landscapes, campsites are frequented by tourists. AS-Motor mulching and professional lawn mowers provide efficient lawn care, while high grass mowers can be used for boundary areas. Weed removers keep paved parking areas and paths free of weeds without the use of chemicals.

Leisure parks

Recreational leisure spaces such as parks, playgrounds, miniature golf courses and amusement parks require uniform and economical mowing solutions. AS-Motor machines have the advantage of time and cost efficiency while delivering excellent cutting results.

Customer reviews
The AS 915 Sherpa 2WD is a very effective machine, the biggest advantage is the mowing speed and the time saved when mowing. The differential lock is very important for us when driving and working. Also, this machine is suitable for our uneven and somewhat hilly terrain.
– Petko Stanković (machine operator of the real estate company Industrijske nekretnine A.D., Serbia)
We use our freshly acquired AS 900 Enduro mainly to maintain the orchards we have planted, also for large grassy areas close to the forest and to mow the dam areas of our club-owned rearing ponds. Furthermore, we mow the paths and access roads of our club waters. Due to the nutrient-rich soil at the ponds, the growth sometimes reaches a height of more than 1.30 m, but this is no problem for the AS 900 Enduro. Our mower is now running the first 7 hours of operation without any problems and we are impressed by the performance of this device. The previously very sweaty manual work is now a lot of fun with this device, saves time and is very effective. We can't imagine our machine park without the mower, the investment has already paid off.
– Jan Marewski (water warden of the fishing club ASV Hillerse e.V., Germany)
It is very important to have firm footing on the shooting range. The AS50 helps us keep all our surfaces free of weeds and moss, and thus safe and clean.
– Jan Fuhrmann (President of shooting club Hubertus 1990, Schönebeck, Germany)


Ornamental lawns

Ornamental lawns in both private gardens and public facilities can be maintained with either mulching or collecting mowers. When mulching, the finely-shredded cuttings remain on the surface as natural fertiliser, while collection bags help the operator transport cuttings to a disposal point. Lawns are usually mowed once per week to a cutting height of 40–50 mm, from a maximum height of 15 cm.

Flower meadows

A natural environment for bees, flower meadows make an important contribution to biodiversity and preserving our ecosystem. Flower meadows can quickly grow 40 cm high before blossoming and should be mowed 3–4 times per year. Our professional lawn mowers, mulching mowers with side discharge as well as Allmähers and ride-on mowers help care for flower meadows.


Mulching is a process by which grass cuttings are shredded several times into a fine mulch, which then remains on the surface as natural fertiliser. Special mulching blades with a double cutting plane and a circular mulching unit are used on ornamental lawns, while cross-blade systems or flail mowers are primarily used in high grass.

Uneven terrain

Animal burrows, anthills, mole hills and water channels cause uneven terrain. Several AS-Motor machines have high ground clearance, all-wheel drive and limited slip differential, along with appropriately studded field tyres, for uneven terrain.


AS 510 ProClip 4T A 2in1

Mowing or mulching? You have the choice!

51 cm
4,2/5,7 kW (hp)
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AS 531 4T MK

Professional lawn mower with perfect grass collection

53 cm
3,4/4,6 kW (hp)
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AS 21 4T Comfort

Handy and convenient Allmäher with certain extras

51 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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AS 62 4T B&S

Powerful and agile – AS 62 4T B&S

61 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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AS 800 FreeRider

Ride-on mower with limited slip differential for more traction

80 cm
9,7/13,0 kW (hp)
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AS 30 WeedHex 140

Mechanical weed removal for private users

35 cm
2,4/3,3 kW (hp)
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AS 50 WeedHex

Professional weed removal for large work areas

50 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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