AS-Motor offers professional solutions for private customers

AS-Motor’s professional-grade mowers offer unique solutions for garden, lawn and private orchard care. A commitment to robust design means private users will enjoy excellent results for decades or more.

AS-Motor offers catered technology to care for ornamental lawns, gardens, meadow orchards, and cobblestone areas. AS-Motor’s mulching mowers cut high grass easily, leaving an attractive green area behind without the time and cost-intensive process of cuttings disposal. AS-Motor also offers solutions for producing forage for small livestock breeders.

Application examples

More leisure time thanks to efficient lawn care

In addition to traditional collection bag lawn mowers, AS-Motor’s mulching mowers provide private users with several advantages. Mulching mowers cut grass several times so that it disappears as invisible mulch in the turf. This process not only avoids the time and cost of grass disposal; the organic mulched material remains on the lawn as a natural fertiliser.


Easily mow and mulch high grass

Often times, private gardens, orchards and lawns of weekend homes cannot be mowed every week. AS-Motor’s Allmähers and ride-on Sherpas are designed to easily cut high grass and dense growth.


Forage production for small livestock breeders

AS-Motor’s walk-behind disc mower is an excellent tool for small livestock breeders and owners. The disc mower cleanly cuts grass and places it neatly in a row for easy collection.

Customer reviews
They still exist: garden tools with durability from the past paired with the technology of today. More than 20 years ago, my father had bought a second-hand AS 53 2T lawn mower for the regular mowing of an orchard of about 2,000 m², which still performs its services reliably today; before that, the mower had already been in use for more than 10 years at the road administration. In parallel, we had two others AS 53 2Ts that were older and that we could still sell for good money. If you buy an AS mower new and use it privately, it will probably last a lifetime. Basically, of course, as with all machines, you have to look after them and handle them sensibly.
– Joachim Follmann (private user)
We, the non-profit animal welfare association and dog senior residence, have also chosen your, the AS 531 professional lawn mower, and we just say WOW, great cinema! The professional lawn mower is ideal for us here, so that the green areas as well as the three outdoor areas can be mowed "professionally" clean. Yes, so gradually the green areas can go into hibernation. Conclusion: Great equipment from top to bottom, from front to back, terrific! Animal greetings in the name of Lucky Dog Hostel.
– Holger Lindbüchl (First Chairman of the Animal Welfare Association Lucky Dog Hostel)
In addition to the mulching mower, I also bought an AS 30 E WeedHex (electric version); the alternative would have been a device with a 2-cycle engine. I do not regret buying the electric version. For private use, the battery power is completely sufficient; in commercial use, a spare battery would certainly be useful. The cleaning performance is excellent. In most cases, the plastic brush is perfectly adequate. In more adverse conditions (e.g. mossy surfaces), however, the steel brush is to be preferred, provided the surface is not too sensitive, as the steel brush already has a very aggressive removal capacity. The advantage of the electric version is that it can be used on a Sunday and can also be easily operated by older people (starting a 2-stroke motor requires some strength). In particular, cleaning kerbs or removing weeds from paved areas works excellently. With the right setting, the joints are cleaned very well (unfortunately, weeds sometimes grow back quickly).
– Joachim Follmann (Private user)
With my AS 63 Allmower, even the steepest meadows are no problem. At the same time, the mulch kit allows me to optimally maintain the flatter areas. I can mow 20 ares of meadow with fruit trees in a good hour - and have fun doing it.
– Christian Röhm (private user from Sindelfingen)
Some time ago, I looked around for a mulching mower that would allow me to mulch grass up to 20 cm high once in a while. Based on the good experiences with AS mowers and after comparing several alternatives (also from competitors), I finally decided on the AS 510 ProClip 2T ES A. At the first use, the grass height was between 20-30 cm. No problem at all for the AS 53 2T, of course. I was then very surprised about the AS 510 ProClip. I set the mower to the highest cutting height (about 90 mm) and could hardly believe the ease with which it did its job. Of course, grass density and moisture are very relevant variables when mulching, but in a normal dry meadow, a grass height of 20 cm on average is not a problem at all. Compared to the AS 53 2T with side discharge, the meadow looks very clean after mowing due to the excellent mulching result. The blades of grass are so finely chopped that they are no longer visible. With lower grass height, such as 10 cm grass height (e.g. ornamental lawn), a mowing height of 50mm is no problem even with slightly damp grass.
– Joachim Follmann (Privat customer)

Michael Schreiner (private user)

After seven ride-on mowers, the 54-year-old now owns his first ride-on flail mower, an AS 1040 YAK 4WD. "The YAK convinces me above all with its enormous area output. I can drive the YAK anywhere. Whether in the middle of five-meter-high blackberries or up slopes where you need a crampon on foot. The Yak drives at full speed as if nothing is wrong. And then everything is gone."
When I am not at work in Holland, our family tries to spend some time in our house in Provence, where we need to take care of about one hectare of agricultural terrain by the river Argens. I like this place very much because it reminds me—in small scale—of my grandfather's farm in Argentina, where I spent most of my holidays growing up. My AS 28/4 Enduro seems a very capable machine. I look forward to learning how to use it well.
– Jorge Vago (Employee of the European Space Agency on ExoMars)
There's no pleasure in property and garden work when your tools always break and you waste your time trying to fix them. I see people trying to turn on their cheap consumer mowers for hours and they just end up hitting the thing. It's different with AS mowers. I get my mower out of the garage, press the fuel pump on the carburetor three times, pull once and then the engine runs. That is very pleasant.
– Michael Horlacher (Hobby gardener and winemaker, Stuttgart)
The secret to our mulching mowers’ perfect work result lies in the special blade with multiple cutting planes and a cyclone-like airflow in the mulching unit.
– Roman Mühleck (AS-Motor product manager)


Ornamental lawns

Ornamental lawns in both private gardens and public facilities can be maintained with either mulching or collecting mowers. When mulching, the finely-shredded cuttings remain on the surface as natural fertiliser, while collection bags help the operator transport cuttings to a disposal point. Lawns are usually mowed once per week to a cutting height of 40–50 mm, from a maximum height of 15 cm.

Flower meadows

A natural environment for bees, flower meadows make an important contribution to biodiversity and preserving our ecosystem. Flower meadows can quickly grow 40 cm high before blossoming and should be mowed 3–4 times per year. Our professional lawn mowers, mulching mowers with side discharge as well as Allmähers and ride-on mowers help care for flower meadows.


Mulching is a process by which grass cuttings are shredded several times into a fine mulch, which then remains on the surface as natural fertiliser. Special mulching blades with a double cutting plane and a circular mulching unit are used on ornamental lawns, while cross-blade systems or flail mowers are primarily used in high grass.


Cobblestones and uneven paved areas can be treated for weeds, without the use of chemicals, using mechanical methods. The agile AS 30 is designed for work close to edges, water inlet channels, manholes and on traffic islands with posts and signs.


AS 510 ProClip 4T A

Mulching mower for professional users

51 cm
4,2/5,7 kW (hp)
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AS 531 4T MK

Professional lawn mower with perfect grass collection

53 cm
3,4/4,6 kW (hp)
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AS 21 4T B&S

Handy Allmäher with impressive price/performance ratio

51 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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AS 62 4T B&S

Powerful and agile – AS 62 4T B&S

61 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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AS 799 Rider

AS-Motor’s entry-level ride-on mower for private properties and meadow orchards

80 cm
7,8/10,6 kW (hp)
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AS 900 Enduro

A robust and reliable ride-on mower for high grass with side discharge

90 cm
11,9/16,2 kW (hp)
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AS 915 Sherpa 2WD

Entrer the Sherpa family: Ergonomic workstation meets agile ride-on mower

90 cm
16,4/22,0 kW (hp)
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AS 30 WeedHex 140

Mechanical weed removal for private users

35 cm
2,4/3,3 kW (hp)
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