Liquide tyre sealant “Plattfuss-Stop”

No downtime with the "AS-Motor Flat-Stop" tyre sealant

Because our mowers are engineered for high-grass and extreme terrain, tyres are also subject to maximum stress. Thorns and other sharp objects hidden in the brush can cause flat tyres, leading to irritating downtime and time-consuming repairs.

This issue can be prevented with AS-Motor’s new “Flat-Stop” tyre sealant which considerably reduces creeping pressure loss and the occurrence of flats. The tyre sealant has an immediate effect on punctures and a permanent effect on thorns stuck in the tyre.

To use the tyre sealant, first discharge air from the tyre. Then introduce the prescribed quantity of sealant into the tyre before re-inflating it. AS-Motor Flat-Stop lasts for the entire service life of the tyre and does not damage the tyre or the rim.

Product advantages

  • Reliably seals punctures and stuck thorns
  • Prevents creeping pressure loss
  • Considerably reduces downtime and repair costs
  • Water-soluble and washable
  • Does not adhere to rims
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Integrated rust and frost protection
  • Active mechanism: flexible Kevlar fibres with rubber particles in an aqueous solution
  • Effectiveness for tubeless tyres > 90%
  • Effectiveness for tube tyres > 75%