AriensCo honours long-standing employees

Bild Ehrung Mitarbeiter AriensCo GmbH Bühlertann

Decades of service are proof of strong commitment and passion for a company. At AriensCo's town hall meeting in Bühlertann at the end of September, long-serving employees were honoured and three of them retired.

"Such long company affiliations emphasise the close ties with the company. From the old company headquarters in Oberrot to the relocation of the entire company to Bühlertann in 2009 and proudly part of AriensCo since May 2021, these are just a few of the company's milestones that you, dear jubilarians, have witnessed and helped to shape," said Jochen Schneider, Executive Vice President AriensCo EMEAA, during the ceremony and thanked the jubilarians for their great commitment.

Decades of service

After more than 44 years with the company, Claus-Dieter Fritzsche took his well-deserved retirement at the end of April this year. He joined the company in June 1978 as an assembly worker. At the beginning of 1989, he moved to the warehouse and also took on the important role of representative for severely disabled employees. Most recently, he worked as a warehouse clerk in production logistics.

Wolfgang Gerlach, who began his career as an assembly worker in February 1985 and worked as a test mechanic until his retirement at the beginning of May this year, also retired. He can look back on an impressive 38 years with the company.

Ingrid Noller began her apprenticeship at AS-Motor in September 1973 and worked as a technical draughtswoman in the design department until her retirement at the beginning of October 2022. With almost five decades of service, she has helped shape the company's history and its products in particular.

Thomas Herrmann and Heidrun Kitterer were also honoured for their 40 years of service. Thomas Herrmann started as an assembly worker in April 1983 and currently works on the engine assembly line. Heidrun Kitterer has been with the company since July 1983. She started in assembly and then moved to her current position in purchasing.

Bild Ehrung Mitarbeiter AriensCo GmbH Bühlertann

Image: Jochen Schneider, Executive Vice President AriensCo EMEAA (left), Plant Manager at the AriensCo site in Bühlertann Dr Katrin Voß (right) and Frank Einsiedler, Head of Development for the AS-Motor brand (2nd from right) bid farewell to Ingrid Noller (3rd from left), Claus-Dieter Fritzsche (2nd from left) and Wolfgang Gerlach (3rd from right) after many years of service to the company.