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Today, 90 years later, the company employs over two thousand employees worldwide, is a quality manufacturer with a long-standing tradition, and is a trusted partner in core segments like lawn care, 🌱tall grass mowing, and 🌨snow removal.

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As usual, at this time of year, green maintenance begins on the meadow orchards🍐🍎🌳. The fields will need a fresh cut to ensure the trees are easily accessible for when it’s time to harvest. Meadow orchards are typically extensively maintained. They at least need one cut each year to prevent scrub encroachment. This is best done outside the flowering season, in late summer and autumn.

“It’s rugged simplicity, comfort and sheer ability is always impressive. I come back from the woods, job done, all good and literally no sweat.” This is a customer story from Kurt Jewson, private user from United Kingdom, about his AS 940 Sherpa XL “The dream machine”.

The Serrig farm near Trier is a place where 170 people with different types of disabilities feel comfortable and find meaningful work. On the farm, they care for seven different types of livestock and 180 hectares of cultivated land 🚜 No surprise that numerous machines are used daily. The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD has been part of the machinery fleet for two years now and is very popular with the employees. According to Dr. Köbler, Managing Director of Hofgut Serrig, the decisive factors were the price-performance ratio and, above all, work safety and ergonomics.

Georg Lummel builds world-class metal facades with his company @lummel.metall. He contacted us because his lawn tractor is always clogged and cannot cope with tall grass, which he leaves as a flowering meadow🌱🌿 On our recommendation, he took a look at the AS 800 FreeRider at AS-Motor dealer Mähler GmbH in Gössenheim.

demopark – Europe’s number one in the green sector

Experience the novelties of the AS-Motor and Ariens brands at one of the diverse product presentations and live demonstrations.

Test all the devices on the adjacent test site.

Benefit from the expertise of our professionals in personal discussions.

🌱 High time for the #HighGrassDays!

📅 The next two weeks, we keep on having a lot of events at our AS-Motor dealers’ stores:
24th May in Nagold 📍 at the dealer Walter Renz GmbH
27th May in Boxberg at the dealer @hohstatt Motorgeräte GmbH in Boxberg

Find out about the upcoming events at AS-Motor dealers near you!

𝘼𝙎-𝙈𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙧 𝙀𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙘 is part of a comprehensive battery ecosystem, which is why it is so attractive for commercial users. The battery can be used for various AS-Motor devices and is compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

One battery – many applications

LebensArt – Garten, Wohnen und Lifestyle in Pirmasens starts today and goes until Sunday 14 May.

When the familiar lawn mower sound 📣🥸 is heard from all directions and when driving a car, the visibility is restricted for the first time🌱👀. Then we know one thing: the tall grass 🌱 is out here!

Mowing tall grass & scrub with the AS 901 SM couldn’t be easier – Find out more

Currently several municipal days & mowing days are taking place. Find out at your local AS-Motor dealer store more about upcoming events 👇

Since 2012, Rolf Schukraft has been a proud owner of the mulching mower AS 510 4T A, which has served him well since then and, as he reports, has worked flawlessly over the years. Before that, he had a green lawn mower, unfortunately it didn’t last 5 years. With the AS 510 4T A, Rolf Schukraft has had no problems since then and has a reliable helper.

Noise protection embankments, railway embankments, retention basins, or solar parks present great challenges for landscape managers and service providers. The impassable and steep surfaces have to be maintained regularly. With its intuitive remote control, the new AS 1000 Ovis RC is up to the task: highest mowing performance, enormous slope capability and easy handling.

🌱𝗚𝗲𝘀𝗮𝗺𝘁𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 – Jetzt entdecken!

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The print version 📖 of our catalog is available at all AS-Motor specialist dealer shops:

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Jetzt bewerben & ein Teil unseres Teams werden!

Montage ⚙️🔧🔩
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🔹Mitarbeiter Logistik für den Bereich Ersatzteillager (m/w/div)

Supply Chain 🛒🛍💻
🔹Senior Supply Chain Manager (m/w/div)

Administration / Management 👨‍💻📞📅
🔹Assistenz der Geschäftsführung / Executive Assistant (m/w/div)

Produktmanagement 👨‍💻📈🙋‍♂️
🔹(Junior) Product Manager (m/w/div)
🔹 (Junior) Product Marketing Manager (m/w/div)

Vertrieb Außendienst 🚗📞
🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst Bayern
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Vertrieb International 💼 🌏
🔹Area Sales Manager Export (m/w/d)

Vertrieb Innendienst 💻 📞
🔹 Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter Vertriebsinnendienst / Internal Sales

Strengthen biodiversity 🌾🌼🌸 by removing the cuttings 🌿

For this purpose, we recently launched the belt rake as a new attachment for the AS 600 MultiPro implement carrier. With its compact dimensions and a working width of 120cm, the mounted belt rake can be used for windrowing and turning grass.

The mowing season 🌱 is getting closer. Product demos and road shows are getting more frequent. Today our AS-Motor UK Team 🇬🇧 was on a road show, having a great location and really nice weather for testing machines.

Interested in a product demo?

Feel free to contact us!

On the second day of the professional sales training the focus was on the remote-controlled caterpillar-driven flail mower, the AS 1000 Ovis RC.

Women’s power is appreciated at AS-Motor & #AriensCo!

This is not only evidenced by the fact that since 2018 Maria Lange – our former female Managing Director and currently Vice President RapidCare AriensCo EMEAA – had successfully led and shaped the company. The 25% share of women, which is above the average of 21% in the metal and electrical industry, also speaks for itself.

📍Information on ARIENS|CO Academy training offers (Sales & Service) available on the Parts&More:


Please think of your 🧡 sweetheart with the four wheels as well and prepare it for the perfect start to the upcoming mowing season.

Make an appointment now with your specialist dealer for a spring check👨‍🔧🧰:
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Would you like to do some minor maintenance work yourself? We are happy to support you with our tips:
AS-Motor expert tips

With the snow blade from our accessories range, the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD is in use all year round! Check out our accessories for wintertime.

In the category Excellent Product Design – Utility Vehicles the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD convinced the jury of experts by consistently sustainable product design: The compact ride-on mower reduced to the essentials for sustainable and ecologically oriented green care provide the answers to the challenges of our time in the field of utility vehicles.

👍 Take advantage of the cold season and arrange a profound mower check at your AS-Motor dealer. Please find all the winter care tips from AS-Motor experts in our website section “Expert tips”.

Find out more on vacant jobs for students as well as for graduates and professionals in Germany 🇩🇪

For our dealers and customers, we want to be the best partner in the core segments of high grass mowing, lawn care and snow clearance! Two Brands – One Team for the EMEAA region.

ARIENS|CO – a family business since 1933

A battery-powered disc mower AS 585 E-KM for efficient and now also a emission-free forage production. Laid down in neat rows as windrows, the unshredded clippings are immediately ready for easy & quick removal – no laborious raking!

Find out more about other AS-Motor Electric products.

For more impressions of the Patriots team pub in Munich check the official Patriots site (click here).

Unser Unternehmen wächst und wir sind auf der Suche nach motivierten Kollegen:

Supply Chain 🛒🛍💻
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Verkaufsgebiet Bayern
🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst
Verkaufsgebiet Nord
🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst
Verkaufsgebiet Ost

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Personal 💻
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Ist etwas für Dich dabei? Dann komme am 12. bis 14. Nov. in Hangar Crailsheim mit uns ins Gespräch. Initiativbewerbungen sind ebenfalls sehr willkommen.

Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch!

New: Insect scare device 🐝🦋🪰 – Available as an accessory!

Find out more about technical features and its effectiveness

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GaLaBau 2022 Impressions

Watch the whole video on YouTube and don’t forget to subsribe to our AS-Motor International YouTube Channel.

Browse through our new General Catalogue 2023 online or simply download it.

🍂 Autumn time is orchard time 🍎🍐

👉 AS 800 FreeRider
👉 Orchard Meadows
👉 Customer reviews

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Und das macht uns aus:


Jetzt bewerben & ein Teil unseres Teams werden 👇

Einkauf & Supply Chain 🛒🛍💻
🔹Senior Supply Chain Manager (m/w/div)

Vertrieb Außendienst 🚗📞
🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst Verkaufsgebiet Bayern

🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst Verkaufsgebiet Nord

🔹Gebietsleiter (m/w/div) im Außendienst Verkaufsgebiet Ost

Marketing 📸🎥
🔹Junior Marketing Specialist (m/w/div)

🔹 Junior Online Marketing Manager (m/w/div)

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Montage ⚙️🔧🔩

🔹Mitarbeiter für die Montage

Wondering when to start using a meadow mower? Meadow and tall grass mowers are designed to cope with denser vegetation. Smaller models such as the AS 21 all-mower can already manage up to 60 cm of grass, large machines up to 150 cm. But the biggest difference to a lawn mower is the engine power of at least 5 hp or more

We have recently introduced the belt rake, the new attachement for the AS 600 MultiPro. With its compact dimensions and a working width of 120 cm, the belt rake can be used for raking as well as turning grass.

AS-Motor Summer Party 2022

The music band The Ma-Ma’s provided the best dancing mood – the highlight was of course the song “High Gras Man”. The song is also available on the AS-Motor Youtube channel.

After the long ‘Covid break’, everyone is looking forward to live events like this – just nothing can replace a live event.

In Germany, we are also eagerly awaiting the #GaLaBau event in Nuremberg, which will take place from 14th to 17th of September 2022.

How can we succeed in maintaining cultural landscapes while preserving valuable rest areas for various animal and plant species 🐭🌳?

Find here detailed information and guidelines for ecological orientied green space maintenance.

This is exactly where our tyre sealant “AS-Motor Plattfuss-Stop ” comes into play. The tyre sealant acts immediately on punctures and permanently on thorns stuck in the tyre. Creeping pressure loss and flat feet are considerably reduced. So you have no more downtime!

How does weed removal work without chemicals? Natural and purely mechanical! With our mechanical weed brushes, you can free parking lots, sidewalks, sports fields and border areas from unloved weeds.

You want to know for which use you need a high grass or meadow mower? Or whether a lawn mower is already sufficient for the grass to be mowed?

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