AS-Motor ELECTRIC : New generation of battery-powered equipment for professionals

Rechargeable devices in landscape maintenance are currently experiencing a real boom. More and more cities, municipalities and service providers are equipping their machinery with Li-Ion equipment. This is the beginning of the practical implementation of the “Green Deal” decided by the European Commission. The public sector is increasingly obliged to take environmental aspects into account when procuring services and products. The aim is to use resources more sparingly. To evaluate a product or service, life cycle costs over its entire useful life are now taken into account. This also reveals hidden follow-up costs that can make the most favourable offer uneconomical. Other environmentally relevant aspects such as noise, emissions and vibrations can be defined as award criteria.

Service providers are also increasingly paying attention to “green procurement”. The implementation of environmental protection measures and optimized use of energy and machinery are generally associated with economic advantages for them and increase their competitiveness in the currently changing awarding of contracts. In the near future, increasing governmental support measures for “green procurement” can be expected. Recognize the opportunities before they become obvious.

Technical advances in battery technology now make it possible to transfer the power of gasoline equipment to a new generation of professional AS-Motor Electric equipment. Discover the new power class of AS-Motor Electric equipment – with no exhaust, no noise, less vibration and less maintenance.


Extend your operational capability in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

Gold medal for E-Allmäher from AS-Motor

The new E-Allmäher have been awarded with a gold medal at the demopark novelty competition 2021: the models AS 21 E-Allmäher, AS 62 E-Allmäher and AS 63 E-Allmäher of the manufacturer AS-Motor are the first high grass mowers with electric drive. Learn more.

AS-Motor Electric brochure 2022