Slope mowing: Experts from AS-Motor provide tips on different mowers

Mowing on slopes is demanding – depending on the machine, procedures vary in ways you should be aware of. Hand-guided, in ride-on operation, or remote-controlled: What is the best way to work a slope? What features should a ride-on mower have for use on steep terrain? And why should the range of a remote-controlled mower not be fully utilised even on known areas? The experts at AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG have put together a few practical tips that not only make work easier, but also ensure greater safety while mowing slopes.

Practical test – AS 915 Sherpa 2WD

Published in: Matériel & Paysage, Juin-juillet 2019

The French trade journal Matériel & Paysage has tested the AS 915 Sherpa 2WD ride-on mower in practice. Since spring 2019, this model replaces the AS 915 Enduro and has the typical characteristics of the Sherpa models. In the test, especially the compact dimensions and the small turning radius, the good mowing result and the comfortable one-hand lever operation proved to be advantageous.

Specialist for high grass and steep slopes celebrates its anniversary

Erschienen in: B_I galabau, 7/2019

For the company's 60th anniversary, B_I galabau reports on the company's history as well as on current developments at AS-Motor. 60 years ago, the founder Alfred Schefenacker developed the AS 2-stroke engine. This was the centerpiece for the first Allmäher, which was produced a short time later. Today, the grandchildren of the company founder, Eberhard and Maria Lange, run the family business.

The trend is towards high-grass mowing

What does "ecologically mowing" mean? It means cultivating green areas in a way that harmonizes with our flora and fauna. "High-grass mowing" is an efficient mowing process that focuses on, among other things, the mowing interval and the mowing time. It makes an important contribution to the protection of species.

AS-Motor tyre sealant: Mow without flats

A flat tyre when mowing frustratingly results in lost time. AS-Motor now offers a solution with "Flat-Stop" tyre sealant, which seals punctures before the operator notices. This ecologically harmless product has no expiry date and comes with antifreeze and corrosion protection.

Study: Brush cutter or high grass mower in the extensive green area maintenance

Published in: Greenkeepers Journal, 02/19

Brush cutter or high grass mower? In the Greenkeepers Journal 02/19 you will find application recommendations, based on a survey of users of both devices. The high grass mower is very well adapted to open obstacle free terrains, regardless their slope radients. All in all, the two machines complement each other very well when being used by professionals with many different applications.

Practical test – AS 63 4T B&S

Published in: TASPO GARTEN-DESIGN, 5-2019

The trade journal TASPO GARTEN-DESIGN reports on Francesco's caretaker service using the AS 63 4T B&S Allmäher - their all-purpose weapon for green spaces except ornamental lawn. The employee Francesco Russo also does not want to work without "his" mower.