Turning and swathing – The new add-on belt rake for the AS 600 MultiPro

Often, grassland maintenance is not finished with mowing. This is the case, for example, with rough pastures, where the second step is to remove the cuttings from the area in order to avoid nutrient enrichment. This is not the only reason why AS-Motor offers a new attachment for the AS 600 MultiPro implement carrier: a belt rake with a working width of 120 centimetres.

Ecologically oriented green space management is becoming more and more important. The above-mentioned lean grasslands play an important role here. This is because the scarcity of nutrients due to the decrease in cuttings on certain grassland sites is an important prerequisite for the flowering of numerous herbs. For work on these sites, the new cultivation band rake is the optimal complement.

For smallholder farming, the belt rake can also be used in various functions for forage collection. Without swath cloth and with higher engine speed, the machine functions as a tedder. With the swath cloth and lower engine speed, the forage is conveniently raked together. The swath can then be skilfully picked up and transported away.

The belt rake is driven via the three-claw coupling of the implement carrier
AS 600 MultiPro. The drive is very robust thanks to two V-belts and the controlled tines ensure clean collection of the crop. The infinitely adjustable swath cloth is used to adapt to the amount of forage available.

The working depth can be continuously adjusted on the two front support wheels. Freely rotating front wheels also ensure maximum manoeuvrability of the machine. The belt rake can be conveniently parked on the height-adjustable support foot.

The new belt screen will be available from summer 2022.

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