Customer report: One hundred percent

Michael Schreiner has been a subway driver at the Stuttgart tram company for 17 years now. His dream job. No wonder that even in his spare time everything revolves around motorized vehicles. Mowers and vintage tractors are his other passion, alongside his passion for subway. 

"I have fun with old and modern technology. The railways have always interested and fascinated me. That's why I switched to the Stuttgart tram a good twenty years ago, where I initially worked as a bus driver. After retraining, I started working in the railways. I have been a subway driver for 17 years now. And I still enjoy going to work every day - riding the subway is my dream job," says the trained CNC mill and lathe operator. As much as Michael Schreiner likes his work, he still enjoys his free time, which he spends mainly outdoors in nature. "It's a good balance. I make firewood, work on my vintage tractors or take care of my meadows."

Resale value absolutely interesting

"We used to mow our orchards with a bar mower. But I never liked the cutting pattern. The grass that had been mowed in spring was still there when the second cut was made in autumn and had not really rotted. When the bar mower was broken again, I asked the local dealer if there was an alternative. Thereupon he offered me a test drive with an AS 910/2 Enduro. The AS ride-on mowers were brand new on the market at that time. The test drive convinced me and I immediately bought one."

That was in 2001 and in the meantime Michael Schreiner has the eighth ride-on mower from AS-Motor in use. "I replace my mower every two years with around 300 operating hours. Then I always have the latest model and the resale value is absolutely interesting. My used mowers are practically torn out of my hands", says the Swabian, who originally comes from Hesse. The reason for this is certainly also that the 54-year-old attaches great importance to the care of his machines: After each use, the mower is freed of grass and cleaned with a wooden scraper and after the season it is completely cleaned with water and wintered in.

After seven ride-on mowers, the 54-year-old has been using his first ride-on flail mower since the beginning of the year, an AS 1040 YAK 4WD. "The YAK convinces me above all with its enormous area output. I can drive the YAK anywhere. Whether in the middle of five-meter-high blackberries or up slopes where you need a crampon on foot. The Yak drives at full speed as if nothing is wrong. And then everything is gone."

Top quality convinces

Even when it comes to ride-on mowers from AS-Motor in general, the Stuttgart subway driver is enthusiastic: "What I like about the machines is that they are of top quality. I come from the field of mechanical engineering and know how something has to be processed to be of high quality. And the result fits. The mowers mow accurately and really well." He adds with a smile: "The result is like me, because I'm one hundred percent. That is why I am in good hands with AS-Motor. For me, there is nothing of higher quality in this field. For me, the AS is the Mercedes among the ride-on mowers."

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