AS-Motor Electric – Battery-powered devices, made for professionals

Technological progress in battery technology opens up new possibilities. Lithium-ion batteries can now match the performance of conventional combustion engines and at the same time have a positive impact on decisive criteria: Less noise, less vibrations, no exhaust fumes and lower expenses for running costs and service. AS-Motor presented completely new product line of professional battery-powered machines at its press conference on 10 June 2021: 4 product families, 9 models, one battery system. In the usual AS-Motor quality, these devices are characterised by professional performance, reliability in all weather conditions and a long service life.

New chapter in the successful all-mower story

As a high grass mower pioneer, since 1959, AS-Motor presents the first electrically driven all-mowers: the AS 21 electric all-mower, the AS 62 electric all-mower and the AS 63 electric all-mower. The necessary power and running time are now available. The technical hurdle to be overcome for all high grass mowers is the power and energy requirement when mowing dense, high grass. The drive unit must be able to deliver maximum power at all times and absorb any power peaks that occur without switching off immediately. For years, AS-Motor has consistently and persistently pursued the possibilities of alternative, electric drives for its all-mowers. A development partnership with one of the market leaders in battery technology has now made the technical breakthrough possible and thus a real alternative to professional machines with combustion engines.

The increase of 2-stroke is not a stroke

The AS-Motor all-mowers with 2-stroke engines are legendary in landscape maintenance. Their suitability for slopes, power-to-weight ratio and manoeuvrability in difficult terrain have been unrivalled to this day. Only the latest battery technology is on a par with this extreme application. Fully slope-compatible, without any theoretical slope limits, with even higher torque from the brushless AS-Motor Electric motor. When it comes to user comfort and environmental protection, the battery-powered all-mowers also reach new dimensions. Annoying noise, tiring vibrations, harmful exhaust fumes and the hazardous handling of fuels are now a thing of the past. The new battery-powered all-mowers are made for high grass up to a height of 80 centimetres and are suitable for maximum slope cutting. The AS 63 electric all-mower even has a differential lock and an automatic parking and engine brake. With Variomatic, the speed can be infinitely adjusted. The weight of only 74 kg and the low centre of gravity ensure a good balance. The electric mowers are driven by the most powerful electric motor currently available on the market in this segment with a rated power of 3,200 watts, which is equipped with the most powerful, portable 56 V 10 Ah batteries.

AS E-ProCut - The professional lawnmower, now with battery pack

Flowering gardens, well-tended parks and green lawns have delighted people for centuries. In these places, they feel good, rest, recharge their batteries or do sports for physical balance. Unless a rattling lawnmower disturbs the restful tranquillity. In no other applications are the advantages of battery technology so obviously noticeable and audible as in leaf blowing and lawn mowing in urban zones. An important component of the new AS-Motor Electric product line is therefore the AS 531 E-ProCut professional lawn mower with a cutting width of 53 centimetres. The new professional mower is also a real benefit for the user's health. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Noise and Vibration has set the trigger value for daily vibration exposure at 2.5 m/s². The AS 531 E-ProCut is below 1.0 m/s² for this value. The perceived noise level for the user is also reduced by approx. 8 dB. This corresponds to more than 50 percent less perceived noise. However, no compromises are made in terms of power and performance. The AS-Motor Electric 3 in 1 lawn mower still has enormous power reserves, even for grass heights up to 30 cm. With the battery technology, service providers not only have a powerful argument when acquiring and awarding new contracts, but also provide real occupational safety for their employees.

Mulching lawn mower with professional battery power

The advantages of a mulching lawn mower, being able to work without interruption, not having to empty a catch bag and not having to dispose of cuttings, bring time savings of up to 25 percent. Valuable time in the service provider's daily routine. On the other hand however, the technical requirements for driving a mulching mower are higher than those for a catcher bag mower. A clean mulching result requires higher blade power for fine shredding of the lawn cuttings. Simple mulching bag mowers have it easier here. This is noticeable for the user when cordless lawn mowers with a mulching insert or standard cordless mulchers become ineffective in denser lawns, switch off or mow uncleanly. The new AS-Motor Electric now brings the necessary power and a previously unattained running time for a true professional mulcher. With the three new models AS 420 E-ProClip, AS 470 E-ProClip A, AS 510 E-ProClip A, the advantages of mulching can now be used electrically without restriction with impressive power and endurance in professional use.

AS E-WeedHex - Consistent to the end

Mechanical weed removal has become increasingly important in recent years as an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical weeding. It is then only logical to now also reduce the remaining negative characteristics of such machines completely or to a minimum. With the new electrically operated weed brushes AS 30 E-WeedHex and AS 50 E-WeedHex, weeds are removed without chemicals, without exhaust fumes and with less noise and vibration. In addition to the chemical-free and quiet operation, the electric motor can also use one of its special technical advantages for this work - its torque. Through its ability to adapt power, it maintains desired speeds more consistently than petrol engines. The effective brushing power of the new E-WeedHexen is amazing and exceeds that of petrol engines. The new weed brushes are thus a real boon for the user and his environment.

The AS-Motor Electric models will be available from the 2022 season.

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