AS 1000 Ovis RC – Simply steep mowing

At the beginning of March we started series production of the new remote-controlled tracked flail mower AS 1000 Ovis RC. True to the motto "Simply steep mowing", the extremely slope-compatible mower convinces with highest mowing performance and easy handling and maintenance.

By professionals - For professionals

Noise protection embankments, railway embankments, rainwater retention basins, solar parks or wind power plants often pose great challenges for landscape managers and service providers. The difficult-to-access, impassable and steep surfaces must be regularly maintained. The AS 1000 Ovis RC is up to the task. It combines all the requirements for daily professional use: maximum mowing performance, enormous slope capability and easy handling.

Enormous mowing performance

The power of the Vanguard Professional 2-cylinder engine with 23 hp maximum output is transmitted directly and with low loss to the blade shaft via a belt drive. The 4-stroke OHV engine with cyclone filter is equipped with a particularly strong crankshaft and has a displacement of 627 cm³ at a speed of 3,600 rpm. The AS 1000 Ovis RC enables a mowing speed of up to 5 km/h and thus an area output of up to 5,000 m²/h with an excellent cutting pattern and even grass placement across the entire working width at the same time.

The 100 cm wide flail mower in combination with the somewhat narrower tracked undercarriage makes it easy to mow close to the edge and comfortably to within a few centimetres of crash barriers or other obstacles.

One mowing deck - Many possibilities

Thanks to the flexibly adjustable mowing deck, the new flail mower with tracked undercarriage can be optimally adapted to all terrain conditions. Guided by a wide caster roller, the mower deck adapts perfectly to any contour. When mowing with the infinitely adjustable sliding frame, the specified minimum cutting height can be maintained throughout. For maximum traction in difficult terrain
in difficult terrain is ensured by the carried insert without ground contact. The AS 1000 Ovis RC's flail mower with its surfing suspension also adapts excellently to uneven ground in difficult and hilly terrain with its large pendulum travel.

Extremely suitable for slopes

The remote-controlled slope mower with its compact design (183 cm long, 114 cm wide, 69 cm high) mows difficult terrain and hard-to-reach areas without any problems - thanks to remote control from a safe distance. The automatic, mechanical parking brake

provides additional safety when working on slopes. The large-dimensioned track units with steel inserts ensure low ground pressure, ideal power transmission and best grip on steep slopes. The deep-seated, horizontally mounted Vanguard Professional engine with optimised oil lubrication and the low overall height are the prerequisites for the low centre of gravity, extreme slope suitability and mowing under deep obstacles, for example in solar parks.

The low weight of only 419 kg not only protects the ground, but the balanced weight distribution and the robust crawler chassis also enable safe mowing of extreme steep slopes up to 55 degrees.

Tried and tested rethought

In their work to develop a completely new product, the development engineers at the high grass mower manufacturer have also used tried and tested components and rethought them. The new AS 1000 Ovis RC uses reliable components from the YAK series, such as the robust flail mower and the belt pressure spring tensioning system. Robust hydraulic motors from large-scale production with their enormous torque also ensure a precise and powerful travel drive.

Simplest handling and maintenance

Clear operating elements and precise controls not only ensure comfortable and intuitive handling, but are also the basis for precise manoeuvring of the machine.

Once the first service has taken place after 100 hours of operation, long maintenance intervals of 400 hours follow. For daily cleaning, the AS 1000 Ovis RC offers excellent accessibility. Air ducts, filters and oil control are accessible without tools and the mower can be easily placed in the service position. This service position provides optimum access to the flail mower. The defined adjustment dimension also guarantees precise track tensioning.

In transport position, the new flail mower with tracked undercarriage is even more compact and only 159 cm long, so that transport to the place of use is no problem either.

The namesake - Ovis

In conclusion, the new AS 1000 Ovis RC remote-controlled flail mower lives up to its name. Because Ovis are large and strong wild sheep. Their home are rough mountain slopes at altitudes of up to 5,000 metres. They feel at home in steep terrain, are sure-footed and adapt perfectly to their environment.

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