Professional mulching lawn mowers from AS-Motor: Now also with rechargeable battery

Just as strong and reliable as conventionally powered mowers, but quieter and zero-emission: Three proven mulching lawn mowers from AS-Motor also available in battery-powered versions from March 2020.

What all three models have in common is that they are just as robust and powerful as the AS-Motor devices with conventional motorisation: Regardless of the challenge the mower must master, the 1,500 watt motor keeps the rotational speed between 2,800 and 3,000 rpm. An intelligent motor control system detects how much power is needed. The powerful 82 V, 5.0 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery from Briggs & Stratton, enables mowing from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the work area and the model. Equipped with two or three rechargeable batteries enables landscape professionals to get through their work day – whether for finishing work or on smaller, inaccessible surfaces. In this regard one charging process costs only a fraction of what it would cost to fill the tank for a combustion engine: This means that you save approximately 85% of what you would otherwise pay for fuel. Users benefit from the noticeably lower weight and the impressive handling of the devices. In addition, the battery-powered mulching lawn mowers are emission-free and quiet – extremely practical for work in the vicinity of hospitals, daycare facilities and basically in all residential areas.

Tailored to different requirements

The three battery-powered mulchers are suitable for different work areas, depending on the model: The professional device, the AS 510 E-ProClip A 2in1, with side discharge handles grass as high as 40 cm, with a mulch plate (i.e. pure mulching function) it handles grass up to 20 cm. Variable rear-wheel drive enables a working speed of two to four kilometres per hour at a mowing width of 51 centimetres. Central cutting height adjustment enables effortless transition between six height levels, from 30 to 90 millimetres. The model, AS 470 E-ProClip A, with traction drive is designed for medium-sized surfaces. It mows grass up to a height of 18 centimetres at a mowing width of 47 centimetres; the work speed is 2.5 kilometres per hour. The handy AS 420 E-ProClip without propulsion and with a mowing width of 42 centimetres is effective as a professional finishing mower under bushes, between flower beds, in cemeteries and for smaller surfaces. Depending on the model and version, the battery-powered mulchers are from one to ten kilograms lighter than their petrol-powered counterparts. Conveniently: The B&S rechargeable battery can not only be used for the three mulching lawn mowers, it can also be used for the AS 30 E-WeedHex from AS-Motor.

Commonalities: Accurate, reliable, robust

Although the work areas of the three models are quite different, they do have some commonalities: All three are based on the successful AS-Motor mulching lawn mower models that have been setting standards since 2011 – which means: A clean cutting pattern and mulching result, a robust, durable metal construction, pleasant and comfortable mowing. To protect the propulsion unit, a three-bearing support for the motor shaft and a slip clutch installed on the blade prevent damage when colliding with foreign objects. Cuttings, as well as dry leaves, are finely defibrated in the deep, galvanised mulching unit. This means that after mowing there is no need to collect the cuttings but rather they remain in the turf, virtually invisible, providing important nutrients, as well as moisture to the lawn. A double advantage: Compared to mowing with a collection bag, mulching lawn mowers can mow the same surface area 25% faster, and they return valuable fertiliser to the lawn. Proven quality with a new propulsion unit – these are the battery-powered mulchers from AS-Motor.

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