AS-Motor – high grass and slope mowing technology

Committed to quality and innovation, AS-Motor is the preferred manufacturer of professional mowing solutions for high grass and steep slopes. Today, AS machines are used worldwide.

AS-Motor's robust devices are engineered for demanding terrain such as extreme inclines, high grass and dense growth.  A major innovator in high grass mulching, the company from Bühlertann, Germany has experienced continuous growth in recent years.  AS-Motor places top priority on practical devices that facilitate efficient work for the user, even in adverse conditions.

From the original Allmäher® to the remote-controlled ride-on mower
Steep and narrow vineyards, infrequently mowed orchard meadows – in the 1950s there was no solution for these difficult mowing tasks.  Therefore Alfred Schefenacker, an inventor in Southern Germany, designed a two-stroke engine to power the first Allmäher® up slopes.  An agile and efficient work companion, the Allmäher® marked Schefenacker's founding of AS-Motor GmbH & Co. KG in Oberrot in 1959.  The first Allmäher® was manufactured in 1961 and remains in production to this day.  Over the years AS-Motor has remained committed to innovation, most recently with its development of the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC – the world's first ride-on mower with remote control.

Innovative devices for the landscaping industry

Today AS-Motor offers a wide and diverse range of innovative mowing solutions from mulching mowers, professional lawn mowers, Allmähers, flail mowers and ride-on mowers to disc mowers and mechanical weed removers.  We are particularly proud of the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC remote-controlled ride-on mower, which won the silver medal in the Innovations Competition at Demopark 2017 and was introduced to the US market in 2018.  Innovation begins at the concept-level with our 15-person proprietary R&D team, all the way to modern assembly principles that guarantee quality and efficiency.  Our robust, agile machines are built not only to perform in difficult conditions, but to last a lifetime.

High grass mowers: From Bühlertann to the world

AS-Motor began exporting to France at the end of the 1970s and quickly became that country's number 1 provider of high-grass mowers.  Since, AS-Motor has cultivated strong relationships with qualified sales, dealer and distributor networks in 37 countries worldwide.  From Austria, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic to the USA, Australia, and South Korea, operators across the globe trust AS-Motor's professional technology.

Engineered for slopes
AS-Motor is the only manufacturer in the world of 2-stroke engines that meet the requirements stipulated by the EU Emissions Directive 97/68/EC.  The AS 2-stroke maintains engine lubrication regardless of position, enabling work on inclines of 45 degrees and more without the risk of engine damage.  In addition, since 2017 the AS 2-stroke engine is factory-equipped with an EasyStart function; the CDI digital ignition system cuts the rpms required to start in half.

Made in Germany
AS-Motor is dedicated to the quality and tradition of the Made in Germany label.  AS-Motor has an in-house development and manufacturing process, monitoring each machine from start to finish.  70% of our parts are sourced from regional suppliers, which are vetted and audited for high quality standards.

Environmental awareness and sustainability

AS-Motor is committed to sustainable design – embracing form in function.  AS-Motor machines are manufactured without superfluous parts, their lightweight construction translates to more efficient power and their long service life reduces consumer waste.  90% of AS-Motor machines are made of steel and recyclable metal parts.

Emphasis on community
Many of AS-Motor's 130+ employees have worked at the company for many years or even decades, and it is not uncommon to find several generations of a family working alongside each other.  Partnerships with universities bring together experts with young, fresh ideas for the future while social programs that integrate refugees and the disabled into the AS-Motor workforce demonstrate a commitment to the local community.

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