AS 900 Enduro: Improvements and a new look for the upcoming mowing season

The proven AS 900 Enduro from AS-Motor GmbH presents itself for spring 2019 with numerous improvements. These improvements are not only functional, they also give the robust ride-on mower a new appearance.

The facelift is eye-catching: A galvanised bumper flashes on the front of the new AS 900 Enduro. The stable bumper is not just a hallmark of an AS-Motor device that identifies the ride-on mowers, it also protects device and user from high grass and brushes. In contrast, the other changes can only be recognized at second glance, i.e. they are more particularly noticeable when the device is in use. An AS-Motor bucket seat is a new addition to the equipment. It offers users a comfortable sitting position that can even be improved with the optional seat suspension. Moreover the new AS-Motor steering wheel, with which this ride-on mower will be factory equipped in the future, also contributes to the ergonomics.

Fast work on uneven surfaces

The AS 900 Enduro is suited for uneven surfaces that are not too steep, with brushes and grass to height of 120 centimetres. Traction is provided by the aggressive field stud tyres and the differential lock. With a 2-cylinder engine from Briggs & Stratton and a cutting width of 90 centimetres the work rate is approx. 9,000 square metres per hour. Through the stepless hydrostatic transmission the ride-on mower reaches a forward speed of up to 10.8 km/h and a reverse speed of up to 7 kilometres per hour. The cutting height can be adjusted in four levels between 30 and 90 millimetres. The interchangeable blades on the blade bar cut the grass and eject it to the side. With an open mower deck the mulch is indeed somewhat coarser than it is with a closed mower deck, however this also enables the mower to make faster work progress. For professionals and private users looking for a robust, durable mower that enables fast work, the AS 900 Enduro is the suitable ride-on mower – and by the way this is also true in the winter: Optionally it can be equipped with a snow blade and snow chains and thus it can also be used for winter service.

AS 900 Enduro: Improvements and a new look for the upcoming mowing season – PDF